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Originally Posted by clm12704
I honestly cannot understand how anybody can like this guy. As a fighter, yeah he's impressive and exciting to watch. As a person, he's of the worst class of individuals on earth. The beefhead of all beefheads, he nis nothing but an arrogant, disrespectful, classless, jerk.;_yl...yhoo&type=lgns

After mumbling out a few remarks from the podium, Brock Lesnar declared he was done talking and was about to perform one of his patented moves – storming out of a press conference.

The Ultimate Fighting Championship heavyweight champion turned to exit stage right, leaving five of his fellow fighters to promote Saturday’s UFC 100 card without him. He got two steps before company president Dana White threw an arm around his massive shoulders, leaned into his ear and set the record straight.

“Sit down,” White said he told Lesnar, who actually complied.

Afterward White shook his head in disbelief at the scene, “the guy’s trying to leave the UFC 100 press conference?” Two other times during the hour-long session, White had to talk to Lesnar about not leaving Mandalay Bay early. Lesnar had decided he was too good to continue promoting an event that will earn him an estimated $3 million. Don’t doubt Dana’s power, he got Brock to stay until the end, a square off with opponent Frank Mir as cameras flashed.

“I’m telling you, people don’t want my job,” White laughed after. “Telling a 400-pound dude to sit down?”

Sometimes running the UFC, with all these divergent personalities, all these fragile egos, all the moods of Brock Lesnar feels like a circus to Dana White. And sometimes he’s glad he can look over at his superstar welterweight, dressed to the nines and smiling for the camera, and know there isn’t going to be a hint of drama.
Who wrote this crap?

I just watched this on Dana's blog. This isn't the way that I seen it at all. Brock was not disrespectful in his little speech. He did say he was done talking and it was time to back it up. He started to walk out. Dana told him he had other things to do. Brock respectfully sat down. He didn't look at all perturbed about it. After the photo square off with Frank, Brock laughingly asked Dana "Now can I leave?" Dana laughed and said 'yes'. Not at all the level of drama this writer implies.
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