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Originally Posted by Tyburn
I dont know what it means to me personally I dont understand how to do that

I'm just trying to summerize what I think the text means and what that might indicate about all the characters involved
That's great, Dave! You did fine! Not every passage is going to say something personal to you, lol. I never could personalize the genealogy of the sons of Noah, lolol. The point I was trying to make is to think along the lines of what God is saying to you in general as you read & study His word, in particular Philippians for now, instead of just restating the verses in our own words. What you got out of the passage may not necessarily be directed specifically to you or your life at the moment. Someone else may desperately need what you had to say, though. That is the beauty of the Body of Christ. Like I said above, another part of my challenge was to have us think in terms other than just restating the verses in our own words. I am sure that most people on here are capable of that, and if we are not careful, it can get a bit redundant. I will give my thoughts directly, as I just got in. I always look forward to what you have to say!
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