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i think its mainly staged, he says all the time its about money and winning, the article says reportedly getting paid 3 million for this fight all he has to do is win and he's getting what he wants

reasons i think its staged though..
1. if he really wanted to leave, he would leave, and after dana told him to sit down the first time, if i understood it right he did it 2 more times, you dont try and leave then try 2 more times
2. dana white gets to play it up a lil with his head shakes and comments like " you dont want my job, telling 400 pound men to sit down" so dana gets a lil extra press
3. his fans are alot of WWE fans, they will love him more for this, and pay ppv to watch him win
4. MMA fans for the most part dont like him, and they didnt like him before he did this, and will buy ppv in hopes he loses

hes having fun, selling ppvs, getting paid, and fighting big fights on the biggest shows, id say he learned alot at the WWE on how to market himself
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