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Ok guys, I picked Philippians, and I promise i am going to respond with my thoughts. I have just been very busy getting caught up with work etc. as we get ready to go to the hospital for Ben's surgery. As you read this book, I would really like you to approach it from a different angle than has been previously posted on this thread. Instead of looking at it strictly from a theological point of view and dissecting the scripture, greek words, verbs, historical period, etc. (nothing wrong with that at all, just bear with me), look at it from the perspective of, "as I am reading this, what is God trying to say to ME specifically as His child...what does He want ME to get out of this...what does He want to change and or grow in ME?"

Again, knowing all the theological, linguistic, and historical things about the book are great, and are a valuable part of Bible study, but unfortunately most studies stop there. I would like each of us to get much more than that through this study. Keep in mind that this Christianity thing is about a relationship with God through Jesus, not just an education about Him. The Word of God is alive. It is more than just words written on paper for us to study. It is God speaking to us, calling us to a close walk with Him, and changing us. He is speaking to us individually and corporately.

In John 17:3, Jesus says, "Now this is eternal life, that they may know You, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom You have sent." This whole thing is about getting to know God personally, not just to know & learn about Him. Of course learning about Him is a part of it, but too many people limit their studies to that and wind up with nothing other than a good theological education. Let's read this time just to get to know Him & listen to what He is saying to each of us specifically. That's our challenge for this study of Philippians. Have fun listening to and getting to know our "Daddy"!!
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