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Originally Posted by Hughes_GOAT
if she was drugged, she didn't feel the leg. of course this doesn't mean it was good for the baby.
She felt it alright! She did have an epidural but she said she still felt like this awful extreme pressure during the labor. Also, the doc had induced labor early on and I know that usually makes them feel labor faster and harder.

Yeah, I'm wondering if this had any bearing on Caleb. That night the nurse noticed his little hand twitching and they immediately took him for tests which showed he had a "bleed" and he had to go to the neonatal ICU. He was there for two weeks and then had to be on anti-seizure medication for the better part of his first year.

He weighed 8 +lbs and had red hair. We were lucky they placed him in a bassinet right next to the window. He looked like a giant compared to all the premies. And everyone who came up to the window was like, "Look at that baby with the red hair!"
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