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Here's a funny story when my sister was in the hospital about to give birth:

So my brother-in-law and I are in the room and the nurse is going over what she wants my sis to do when it comes time to push, etc.. My brother-in-law is on one side and I'm on the other side and the nurse tells each of us to pick up a leg (my sis's) which we do (I don't remember why she had us do this). So we're each holding her legs up and the nurse tells us we can put them down. When she says this, Bart just lets go of her leg and it drops like from two feet in the air. The nurse is like, "Nooooo!" with her hands outstretched like she's gonna try and catch it, but it's tooooo late! I'm like (with my mouth wide open) thinking in my head "Oh My God!" all the while still holding "my" leg up which btw I gently set down. My poor sister! Men!

I told my brother-in-law, after that, his birthing room privileges should have been revoked!
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