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Originally Posted by Bonnie
Yeah, once he's got them in that position on the ground pounding their face in, I just don't see the smaller fighter getting out of that. He would have won that fight with Mir the first time if Mazzi hadn't stood them up. It will be interesting to see what Mir does to keep it standing so he doesn't end up eating those ham(mer) fists again.
It was funny to hear Mir being critical of Brock's hammer fists saying they didn't really do much to him. Well, what I saw at the end of the fight was a pretty bloody face on Mir, while Brock barely even broke a sweat. IMO, Mir isn't going to get so lucky this time. He's going on his back, then he's going to eat a lot more than just hammer fists. I really don't see this one lasting very long either.
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