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Originally Posted by Play The Man
What do you have in your collection? You said you were having a "carboot" sale. Any knives up for sale or is that illegal? I have a small collection - probably 15-20 knives. I always have my eyes open for a nice knife.
I have a few knives...but I'm not selling them

I'm selling lots of DVDs, CDs, VHS....and a load of books my parents dont want. I'm selling a few items of...specialist....attire, a few pots and pans and cups and lamps and shyte like that. I'm trying to sell A large Tape taking Cam-corder, a digital photo frame, and a Mirror that doesnt belong to me.

I shall be selling my haunted Touch sensative lamp...cant wait to be rid of the thing. Its been sitting on top of my kitchen cupboards where I cant see it for just over four years now....damn thing had a nasty habit of turning itself kept doing it at the same time each day...I got a Priest in to bless the house and I've never used the lamp since....yeah I know it kept switching itself on because of power fluctuations on the national grid...but...I used to come home and find the red light first I thought I'd left it on.

So I used to unplug it. The last time, I'd just come home from my parents...I was absolutely certain I had unpluged that light...and I saw it switched on from the road. I'd only been in the house about a month and it freaked me out...I went back to my Father and told him I wasnt going home until he conducted some sort of ceremony on the property

I can laugh now...but it wasnt funny at the time
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