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Originally Posted by mscomc
First of all, I am NOT justifying what they are doing. If I were justifying what they were doing, I would be trying to prove that they are right in what they are doing...and If you read my previous posts, you will recall me saying it is NOT RIGHT, that these people are horrible and that I do not approve of this.

I am simply trying to get people to see things from another perspective. Everyone is so quick to say... how could these people do this? why ? I dont understand?...... Do you think they just magically woke up on morning and said "hey, i have nothing better to do, why not strap a bomb to a kid and blow him/her up"....Give me a break!

This is their way of trying to fight who they beleive are their enemies, and right now they beleive the U.S is one of them. They dont have coventional weapons and ammmo so they use other means..... and the sad part is most allied forces probably wouldnt suspect children of being threats or even if they did, they probably would hesitate to neutralize them, making the children effective. And the children themselves may beleive they are fighting their enemy. Its terrible, but thats they way it is.

Furthermore, I think this all sickens you very much for many reasons. The more important ones being: You youself are probably a mother/father, you care for children, you are compassionate and loving; and those are excellent virtues to have. But, at the same time, YOU probably have no clue what life is like in those parts of the world. Sure you may have seen the news, heard the reports or watched those amnesty international adds that come on ....but you have never lived in such terrible conditions: no running water, power goes out constantly, gun fire all day, 100 F weather etc etc. You dont think that may completey mess up a persons thought process?

Again, not to condone anything these guys do....but just please consider the idea that it is not as cut and dry as you may think it is.
They condemn the U.S. for murdering innocent people and bombing their schools. They know that killing childre is wrong. They are not without a sense of right and wrong. However, their beliefs have driven them to madness more then anything. There are plenty of people who live in these regions who live perfectly normal lives.

That is like saying feel bad for murderous drug dealers because they had no other outlet to make a living. I call bull. We strap them in the chair and prisons for life regardless. No mercy to these ANIMALS.

Being poor alone doesn't drive people to madness or the world would have destroyed itself long ago because 80% is poor. You need something extra to turn you into an animal and that my friend is that demon seed Islam.

I won't deny there are some crazy Christians in the world but no where near on the scale of Islam. There is something fundamentally wrong with that faith aside from the fact that it is misguided.
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