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Originally Posted by rearnakedchoke
nah, he'll make weight .. he has only had to cheat once to make weight and the other time he didn't make weight (against matt) he was injured .. the fact that he didn't make weight is not what bothered me, the fact that he pulled a pussy move and knew he wasn't going to try to cut weight and didn't say anything ... he let matt continue with his weight cut cuz he knew it would give him an advantage ... while he was training or whatever, matt was dehydrating himself ... that's a punk move .. if he went to dana when he got to england and said he could make weight, could we make it a catch weight fight, that would have been more respectable ... don't matter though ..GSP will beat him
He wasn't hurt. His camp came out with "he had a hurt foot" after the fact because there had to be some excuse, but I was there and saw him many times. His "hurt foot" didn't stop him from training, fighting ... or going to the clubs afterward. Again, no MMA fighter is ever at 100%. A professional could have cut the weight ... even with a "hurt foot".
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