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Originally Posted by Crisco
At the risk of sounding hypocritical and funny

We worship the right God.

To be clear I for one don't feel American is a Christian nation anymore. I just feel Islam poses a threat to all free peoples who do not want to have faith pushed on them.
I hear what you are saying:

Thats what I was kind of trying to get across. when you said "the right God", in the end its a matter of perspective. Of course you think you are right...why wouldnt you? it doesnt make you a bad person But it doesnt make you special either....I mean we ALL think we are right, it doesnt make us any different from people over in the east who also beleive THEY ARE right in their religious pursuit.

I dont beleive that is Islam that poses a threat to free peoples, but rather radical islam that does. I mean are their not muslims in America who are normal folk and contributing people: Doctors, lawyers, engineers....they are in a beautiful country that allows them to be this way.

To the the radicals...I agree they are horrible people.....but just remember, alot of people are quick to call them the devil, but it may because they are living in hell....bomb blasts everyday, constant killing, gun fire. I think any religion in a truly depraved situation can create radicals... like the battles between the muslim and christian lebanese people many years ago.... or during the partition of countries like India... you had: muslims, hindus, seiks and everyone massacaring eacother in order to "protect their religion" and family. Anyway, now Im just ranting...
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