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Originally Posted by Boomer
I think there are two issues here that are getting crossed ... a one time happening that people are looking at the corner man to hang .. or a common practice of getting an unfair edge on another fighter by breaking rules. If this was a one time occurrence then the corner man made a mistake .. no biggie. If indeed this is a common trend in GSP coming into the Octagon like that ... its not because GSP didn't know about it or allow it. If this does prove to be credible .. his record in my mind is shot. Like I said, it wasn't a true match of skill on skill. Actually it even highlights that GSP doubts himself by having to do something like that ... why shouldn't we follow suite?

Dont get me wrong .. I wanted GSP to win ... I just couldn't sound off in here b/c I have a standing policy not to agree with Michelle in public.
you still dont get what i'm saying here,,no one is investigating GSP,,they only looked at his corner man,,this thing is already over,,they gave him a stern warning,,and thats it.
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