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Originally Posted by mscomc
Well, I can hear what your saying. But look at this way.

When a U.S soldier dies, I imagine you are sad for him/her and their family? Why? because you support the troops, and you beleibve in what they are doing, and that is very noble and good. Would you not call them HEROES for fighting the enemy? Of course you would..who wouldnt?

Now lets flip it around. You have these people in afghanistan and pakistan, and they percevie the U.S and probably other nations as the enemy. In their eyes, allied troops are their to kill them, possibly rape their women (thing like this have happened, albeit on a small scale) etc etc. Now suppose you are a young pakistani girl/boy or have no real means to fight these people. You probably dont have guns, or ammo, or other weapons of war. So you sacrifice yourself to "fight" your "enemy", and the result may be that you die but you kill 4-5 "enemies". So why wouldnt you be seen as a hero to your own people. what is sickening about that? isnt it good that they at least honour someone who they beleive has fallen to protect them?

Now, obviously, sitting back from a distance, we can use our on judgement and intelligence to see who is wrong and who is right.
Then I guess im ignorant and judgemental.. I support my country and our military 100% we are founded under GOD....
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