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Originally Posted by Chris F
If Vince McMahon can induct Bret Hart into the WWE hall of Fame then Dana White can and must induct Pat into the UFC hall of Fame. Not to is plain old assonine.
but he needs to be a tough guy that you dont eff with. UFCs success is due to its exclusiveness. for example:
-no 1 fight contracts
-dana picks which sponsors can be worn in the ring so if you try to, for example, start your own mma league, you'll get black listed
-he almost cut 3 of the greatest welterweights in the world because they didnt sign their likeness over for the video game
-etc (i couldnt think of any more)

so if he starts forgiving people who walked away from the ufc to help other organizations (frank shamrock, tito, big john, pat, etc) then more people would be inclined to walk away and deal with other orgs

fun fact: for the ufc top 100 fights, tito and frank were not allowed to be mentioned unless it was a fight that they loss (and since frank went undefeated he was not mentioned) the UFC got to where it is because of danas primarely brass balls, and he wont break them for no one
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