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Originally Posted by jason2130
if people where dishing out $5000-$10000 on ebay for a PS3 and Xbox360 when they first came out instead of waiting a week for new shipments to come out, i imagine some rich fool somewhere is willing to pay more than that

meanwhile.... im struggling with justifying the 44.95 for a ppv buy

must be nice to have $45000 laying around to say "i think im gonna go sit in the front row of UFC100" (not including jacked up hotel prices, travel to get there, and a $20 beer while ya watch)
Me too.

I guess I am more fortunate than most; I don't have a major amount of debt. It's a question of priorities though.

Here's the question I have for "y'all": Is it really going to be that good? Sometimes the quality of these things has been exactly the opposite of the hype.
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