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Originally Posted by atomdanger
I doubt it will be something they "enforce",
more likely something they will get you for if you get arrested and happen to have a knife,
or pulled over, etc...

They probably won't go looking for pocket knives,
but start passing out fines when they come across them.
Sad.... sad day
probably has more to do with a little extra income for them...I bet your right.

it means for every arrest, they might be able to add a small fine and get more dosh...Expect them to errect more speed cameras if this is true...the more cameras the more likelyhood of catching a speeder, that little bit more money...charges for public parking, pay and display will probably go up aswell.

dont forget...your government is in the middle of a recession aswell.

just carry as usual but dont get caught...if you dont do something stupid, like get it out infront of an officer...or break the law whilst having it on your've nowt to worry about
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