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Originally Posted by Play The Man
As if you needed more evidence of how depraved our enemies are, along comes a story like this one. I don't know how much lower they can go, but I've been surprised before. I thought the Islamists had hit bottom when they strapped bombs to mentally retarded females but then there was the story of Islamists raping women and then convincing them that the only way to make up for the dishonor of the rape was to die as a suicide bomber. Why can't they fight like men on the battlefield instead of hiding behind women and children? Answer: They would die in a fight against real men.
With all respect intended:

Are their "enemies" fighting on the battelfield all the time? No, they are bombimg them with tanks, mortars, rockets, cannons and sometimes air assault from a mile away. This isnt like the colonial days where two sides meet at some open field an open fire on eachother and the stong ones are left standing. Im am by NO MEANS condoning this sickening thing that is to recruit children for suicide bombing...but perhaps thats their way of trying to level the playing field. The U.S is doing smart work by using all of their resources, but the taliban and tribal leaders dont have a large cache of military weapons or advance vehicles to fight so they use what they can. Again, I am not saying it is right.

The second part I bolded, I dont know if that is completely accurate either. I have a good friend who is pakistani and I met his uncle once who was a colonel in the pakistan military. He told me this story of one time he and some of his soldiers many years back saw a man who would belong to the tribes of northern pakistan and afganistan beating the crap out of his wife. All ten of the pakistan guys supposedly came and beat this guy with battons and stuff. Even after taking a beating like that, the guy got back up and tried chasing them with a knife. They had to shoot him multiple times before he actually dropped. So what I am saying is, the enemies in these areas may not be physically large or strong, but their will to fight to the end is strong. I think if you were to put them one on one with someone as it appears you are suggesting, they would do a lot better you think.
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