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Originally Posted by Tyburn
But why would they ban the importation of Knives???

I mean...what would you cut your steak with????

How would your Electronics Industry function???

You cant ban something that has practical use...not on an import/export can limit who they end up being given to...but your only going to lose money if you dont import what you need!

What next? Ban imports of Spoons

I collect Knives btw...not allowed to carry...but I am allowed to amass them in my home
They are trying to reclassify all knives that can be opened with one hand as a switchblade or something akin to a switchblade. Switchblades are illegal in most of the U.S. They are worried that it will be a "backdoor" way to make almost all pocketknives illegal. The only pocketknives that wouldn't be classified as switchblades would be a slipjoint or a lockblade, where you need two hands to open the blade with the fingernail of your thumb.
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