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Originally Posted by Play The Man
I don't think they are concerned about what people bring in on airplanes. They are concerned about bans on the importation of knives. I think they are concerned that if a precedent is set in this government agency it will become policy in other areas of the government. If the definition of a switchblade is changed to this proposed definition then essentially all pocketknives except slipjoints would be outlawed. Emerson knives with the wave feature would be illegal, Spyderco knives with a thumb opening would be illegal as would knives with thumbstuds, such as Benchmades. Practically all of my knives would be illegal. I think this is a case of the old Arabian proverb: "If the camel once gets his nose in the tent, his body is sure to follow."
But why would they ban the importation of Knives???

I mean...what would you cut your steak with????

How would your Electronics Industry function???

You cant ban something that has practical use...not on an import/export can limit who they end up being given to...but your only going to lose money if you dont import what you need!

What next? Ban imports of Spoons

I collect Knives btw...not allowed to carry...but I am allowed to amass them in my home
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