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Originally Posted by Krupp
Hm...I'm not sure what to say about the addition of Mask...I like it and I don't. Wish we could say that he fought a few times at least, but he didn't. I was certain it was gonna be either Hughes or Tanner. Sad to see Tanner's still getting the kick.
Other sports have non-combatants in their HOF so I don't see a problem with Mask as an inductee. I think some of it is just PR for the UFC to give them some good publicity.
I have more of a problem with Chuck being inducted into the HOF,the guy isn't even officially retired yet. I think there are more deserving guys who aren't currently fighting that could be unducted(Tanner,Frye).
The smart thing the UFC should of done was to induct Tanner and Mask at least ur kindof paying tribute to both guys and what they've done for the sport.

*I'm surprised Dana hasn't inducted himself to the HOF
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