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Originally Posted by rockdawg21
Here are the guidelines as emphasized by the Transportation Security Administration:

According to this, you can use plastic, or round-bladed butter knifes. What if the plastic is sharp? No doubt it can be just as deadly as a small switch-blade.

Seriously, look at 2 of the "yes" items:
- Screwdrivers (seven inches or less in length)
- Wrenches and Pliers (seven inches or less in length)

In particular, you could easily kill a person with a screw driver.

I noticed this stuff the other day but didn't post anything on here about it until now.
its all a little bizzare if you ask me. I can understand customs having problems with firearms...but like you said...any sharp...or elongated instrument with an edge could be used like a knife...yes even a plastic one.

I think you're rights...this is just curious.

IMHO outside of a lighter...all those things for carry on...ALL of them...should be NO
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