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Originally Posted by rockdawg21
Sad to hear about Mask, but what did he do for the sport besides make some t-shirts? I REALLY don't agree with that new commercial that says, "It's more than just putting on a t-shirt." Really?!?!
I disagree on this one Rock. I think the entire TapouT team has done quite a bit for MMA. They aren't just a t-shirt company like Affliction who jumped on the MMA bandwagon when it started to get big.. they were around from almost the very beginning. They allowed young fighters a chance to fight... a shot at a dream... Condom Depot, Jesus didn't tap, etc... these are sponsors you see pop up when there is a PPV... they've never invested the time and resources into MMA like TapouT did.

Remove any of the current sponsors from MMA and the sport would still be where it is today.... remove TapouT from MMA and I don't think you could say the same thing.
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