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Originally Posted by F34R
You can pick and choose plenty of examples from numerous refs that have been in the UFC. That doesn't mean they are bad. It means they are human, and if they've made mistakes that bad, I would assume they were disciplined in some way, or wouldn't be still ref'ing.
i agree in a sense. however, we're talking illegal shots to the back of the head, not something like determining if someone is finished or not. stopping a fight is judgment call. illegal shots, warnings and then penalties aren't. Tito got points taken for grabbing the cage against Rashad and that's a main reason Rashad didn't lose. Sylvia and Liddell are allowed to grab the cage at will. Mir was allowed to grab the cage against Sylvia, twice, and lock in that armbar. i guess that's karma for Sylvia? or maybe he hadn't started grabbing the cage yet?

Dana thinks Mazz sucks BTW.
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