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Originally Posted by Tyburn
Well that is true...but then...shouldnt they be silently selling those weapons rather them by launching them think they are trying to attract buyers???

I could be up for a bombardment of their nuclear facilities only. I think the United Nations would tern a blind it does to Israel...but after the bombardment...the US would have to go NO further.

In other words...disarm the assilant but leave him to possibly fight another day.

Crisco...I may not always aggree with you...but I do think you have a knack of understanding that I can work with
I'll take that as a compliment I suppose haha.

As for your point about silently selling I disagree. I think if you want to sell nuclear arms and get BIG money for them you set a few off then you wait a couple years and sell the tech.

It shows buyers you have the ability and then they are also led to believe that over the course of time you have improved that capability. It also lets things cool down a bit.

I don't think that is what they are doing. I think NK is tired of being pushed into the corner and like most dictators they only understand strength. They are flexing hoping to become the next asian big player. It worked for China so I think it N.K. is going to try and push their luck,.
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