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Originally Posted by Crisco
Where do terrorists get the weapons from that they will use against us?

Countries that have tech that can't use it will most likely give it away.

N. Korea is esentially a bankrupt and starving nation and having finished nuclear tech to sell is very lucrative.

We should nip it in the butt. Send the airforce to knock out the plants and all things involved. Say "Hey we warned you" and if they try and come back we send the air force back in to knock out what's left. Ground troops are needed minimally in this kind of war. We don't have to go cave to cave.
Well that is true...but then...shouldnt they be silently selling those weapons rather them by launching them think they are trying to attract buyers???

I could be up for a bombardment of their nuclear facilities only. I think the United Nations would tern a blind it does to Israel...but after the bombardment...the US would have to go NO further.

In other words...disarm the assilant but leave him to possibly fight another day.

Crisco...I may not always aggree with you...but I do think you have a knack of understanding that I can work with
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