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Originally Posted by VCURamFan
1)OK, either you are grossly misunderstanding the context or you're gorssly misconstruing it. Either way, you're incorrectly attempting to apply the DoI. It says that if you're being oppressed by your government, you have the duty to overthrow that government & create a new one. We do not govern NKorea, so they cannot stage a revolution against us.

2) Have you not paid attention, Dave? Your precious UN has forbidden them to test, yet they test anyway, clearly abusing their privileges. Stop being obtuse & realize that even that most corrupt & useless of ruling bodies dislikes what they're doing. The problem is that NO ONE HAS THE BALLS TO DO ANYTHING!!!! Unfortunately, this currently includes our President & therefore the US.

3) Also, just because you think they have a "right to levy war" doesn't mean that the US is morally obligated to allow them to do so. We have a right to protect ourselves and I think we need to. Now.

4) Again, Dave, I ask you this: If you've got a gun & are being charged by a guy with a knife, are you going to wait until he's within arm's distance before you shoot him? I'll even update it a little bit: If you've got a gun and body armor & are being charged by a guy with a knife, are you going to wait until he's within arm's distance before you shoot him? If you answer "yes" to either of those scenarios, I've got to question your survival instincts. Why would you risk eventhe 1 in a million chance that the nut-job finds the one random accidental chink in your armor? Shoot the f***er in the face!

5) I don't care if the Missle Defense Agency could re-direct their missle to explode in their pants, I still don't want to allow for the chance of a mistake. They're threatening & need to be dealt with.

6)Seriously? You think America's only danger for a nuclear disaster is for a terrorist to steal one of our missles & launch it at us? First of all, the likelihood of a terrorist cell being able to inflitrate a US military base & absconding with a warhead is slim-to-none (forget what you've seen in the movies), but I will grant for the sake of argument that it's possible. Are you forgetting about Iran's attempt to create nuclear weapons? Do you honestly believe that N Korea isn't trying to find a way to launch a nuclear warhead? Do you think it's impossible for terrorists to get crude plutonium & make a dirty bomb?

7)If you think America's own threat is from our personal stockpile being turned against us, then you need to pay more attention to world affairs.

8) You really think it's funny? I should laugh at the thought of a hostile nation repeatedly testing & refining their military in an attempt to threaten my country. I'm sorry, I fail to see the humor in that. Please enlighten me as to how this is a comical scenario.

9) O, I'm sorry, so because your country is older than mine I can't point out its mistakes? I'm so terribly sorry to have struck a nerve. You suddenly seem to critequing the US for having waited too long. Are you suggested that, perhaps, we should have launched an offensive before disaster struck? That seems to be contrary to what the rest of your argument has been...

10) If actually do remember your WWII history, then why are you falling prey to exactly the same flawed philosophy? Don't you get it? Trying to talk it out & comprise & appease an aggresive, violent nation does nothing but whet its appetite. I hate to sound cliched, but if you don't learn from history, you're going to suffer identical consequences.

11) Yeah, we waited too long. FDR was begging Congress to get us in there but they were too scared of public sentiment. That foolish decision cost us way too many lives. Are you suggesting that we should repeat that mistake? Would you rather that we sit around with our thumbs up our @$$es waiting to get bombed again before we do anything?

12) Show me when we've "run in too soon". Are you talking about the Korean War, when North Korea invaded our allies, so we sent troops over to protect them? Or maybe you're talking about the Vietnam War when we did the same thing. O, I know, you must be referencing the Gulf War when Saddam invaded our ally Kuwait & we went over to push him back into his own country. Then again, maybe you're thinking about the war in Afghanistan, where we attack a country that harbored a terrorist who had just staged 4 attacks on US soil. Or possibly you're referring to the Iraqi War where we went in & disposed of one of the world's most cruel dictators who was responsible for tens of thousands of his own people's death? Tell me Dave, in which one of these wars did we try to make up for Pearl Harbor by rushing in too soon? In which one of these 5 retaliations against foreign oppressors did we jump the gun? Please teach me, o wise & learned historian.

13) Also, we're not "post-constitutional", as the Constitution is what governs our country. If Obama has his way, we may be post-constitutional within the next few years, but for now we are a Constitutional country.
1) No it doesnt. What it says right at the very end, is a definition of what defines a free state. those include the right to levy war, the right to conduct peace, the right to be able to manage their own trade aggrements...and one other thing which I forget right now.

Yes it also says the people OF THAT STATE have the right to throw off the Government if they find it says that at the start.

2) doing something like what?? They havent attacked you, they havent attacked anyone. They havent even launched missiles into waters that belong to another country yet. Other then fire rockets which the United Nations deems as wrong...the same United Nations your trying to say is a waste of time! you aggree with one of its judgements, but not others.

Typical American...when it suits you its fine...when it doesnt you think you can just over-rule it. And you dare to call England a Tyrany Cant you see that if you act without provocation, you are completely and utterly in the wrong?

Now if they fire on your allies, or they fire into seas not theres, or they fire at you...then fine...smush them. If they are breaking a UN law...something you dont abide by anyway, and certainly dont respect...leave it for the UN.

3) protect yourself from what? North Korea is a buzzing fly to America...she hasnt even got a sting...and she isnt actively threatening you. You are just being paranoid...she is playing mind games with you...and you've got yourself sucked cant handle war with cant fight Iraq, Iran, China, Russia, North Korea and Afghanistan on your own. Trust will eventually be on your own if you dont start listening to others the world scheme know more then you. Swallow your Pride, listen to your Allies. You havent even faced the kind of warfare we have MANY probably never, ever will!!

4) the trouble with that scenario is Korea isnt charging at you. Korea wouldnt dare...she knows full well that she wouldnt win. Your gun is a only need to life it and she'll sit down and shut up. She's making noise coz she has nothing better to do. So no. Dont give her what she wants...dont make her an unneedful martyr...she hasnt done anything...she probably never will.

5) They arent threatening. Thats the point. They could arange a bloody piss up in a brewrey You have no confidence, possibly because you've never studied American Defence capability. Let me tell you. She'll rot from the inside before she breaks from the outside...there is no defeating her with missiles...a combined effort from the ENTIRE world wouldnt be likely to get through

From Korea, you are perfectly safe, as you were from Iraq....Iran...they might try it, but they would get through. You are NOT safe from Terrorists, you are not safe from internal conflicts...and you wouldnt be safe from an inside job or infiltration

6) No Missile launched from anywhere, Iran or Korea will get to the dirty bomb from Iran or Korea will get to the US

You DO have weakness from the Ocean...something able to fire through the water without breaking the service could cause minimal damage to your shores and coastal cities...especially pacific...Hawaii...yeah they are in danger still from a sea attack...but you dont live in Hawaii.

Now...anything launched from inside the US...well...I dont like your chances on that one. But those are likely to be rougue terrorists...harboured possibly, but not sponcered by actual States.

Fear the 9/11 style attack, because that is your weakness. Korea and Iran arent likely to act like this....joe bloggs the recent untraceable convert to radical islam...well there might be no stopping him...but if its any consolation, they wont just attack you on this level...they will attack me.

I dont know if you have experienced Terrorism first hand Ben...I mean really first hand. But I was in London when it got bombed on 7/7/05...I should have been closer to the bombs then I was, thanks to a shift swap.

7) well it could be terrorists bringing in weapons to the US and then using them I suppose. Outside attack would be almost impossible without it being an inside job.

8) In an attempt to threaten you?? Please explain where you get that from? They have broken UN sanctions...a body you dont what if they break a law you dont think exists??? that makes them a threat to you???

9) second world should have joined the rest of us when Hitler invaded Poland. You were our Allies and you werent there for us. You left us FOR watched as we got bloody pushed back into the sea!!! This isnt about you being attacked...this is about one of your friends being attacked....about your duty to help THEM

...finally when you joined and we hark on about it as if it were your victory...and naturally your the only one with money left because you havent been spending it on protecting the rest of the world.

THATS what I mean by too late Ben.

10) We're not negotiating with them we did with Germany. if we were doing appeasement we would say "Hey...if we let you take South Korea, you leave us alone mkay?" We arent doing that...we're letting them have their temper tantrum...we're letting them bark and shout...and in a few weeks...they will be silent again. Sometimes the hardest thing to do, is absolutely nothing...North just need to leave alone

11) I'm wont get bombed this time because you have a defensive shield. In all need never actually make war with anyone ever again. you could simply just watch them forever throw missiles at you, and forever watch their own missiles sink into the sea....course that depends on you keeping you friends Ben...the one thing about Starwars is that countries like Britian could completely strip you of that defence.

All we need to do is push you out of the listening stations you have created on OUR soil...Then you would have to worry...not from us...but because then all of a sudden, you really WOULD be in danger of attack.

But dont worry. We're your friends

12) I'm talking about the Iraqi War. I'll tell you why Saddam lied about Weapons of Mass Distruction, and I'll tell you why you went to war. Saddam never had weapons of mass distruction that could be used for anything other then genocide...why did he say that he did? well at the time we though he was playing sillybeggers...but actually...he was trying to show someone else that he was still powerful. That Saddam/UN display was to show IRAN that he was still a major power. The most recent speculation says that Iran knew he didnt have Nukes...and the US knew he didnt have nukes...People assume that the United States went in to steal the oil...but have you ever considered that perhaps they went in to SAFE guard the oil from Iran?

Have you ever considered that the whole sage since 2003 might actually have nothing much to do with Iraq, weapons of mass distruction, saddam, or even oil. Have you ever considered it might have something to do with preventing a catastrophe in terms of Iran invading Iraq?

My mind goes back to doctor david kelly, the expert who leaked to the press that Iraq might not have weapons....they say he committed suicide.

IF the above is true then guess what? Suddenly I aggree with America for going into wasnt pre-emptive...that was a cover because she could tell the truth...if she told the truth...Iran would have gotten there first.

I'm waiting for the semi-public enquiry into the war, that the government are trying to organize...but I wonder if...I wonder if we have all been grossly wrong about absolutely everything pertaining to that event.

I mean...would you kill a single man...if he threatened to distroy the future of the entire western world? Would you, as leaders, lie to the public, in order to safeguard their security in the end? would you have that much love for your country that you would actually forever go down in history as a liar, and a warmongerer...because you'd rather have the entire world hate you...then see them all in the termoil that would have happened if Iran had got to the oil fields first? Would you be prepared to do it, knowing, that you could NEVER admit to it, even after it had taken place?

Perhaps President Bush was actually a guy who has loved and sacrificed more for America then anyone in your entire History? I am suddenly wondering if he was one of the most GODly men of our time? If he and Blair acted under THOSE would explain the quickness, and the ultimatum given to the UN.

Perhaps Bush saved the western world Twice. He bailed out the banks, He saved the oil from Iran...and in so doing, managed to liberate a people, kill a tyrant...and sacrified....well...that has just recently become a possible theory raised in this country.

Perhaps..who knows...I think I can work with both and say...if in actual fact they lied...I support them...if they were just warmongers...then they were prooved wrong. I guess we will never know.

13) I didnt mean post as in after the end of...I meant post as in...after the Consitution had been errected...I should have said "since" the consitution
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