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Originally Posted by Tyburn
According to your Declaration of independance Any State has the right to Levy War

that includes the State of North Korea..
OK, either you are grossly misunderstanding the context or you're gorssly misconstruing it. Either way, you're incorrectly attempting to apply the DoI. It says that if you're being oppressed by your government, you have the duty to overthrow that government & create a new one. We do not govern NKorea, so they cannot stage a revolution against us.

Originally Posted by Tyburn
I do hope your not talking about taking away those rights...before they have abused them?
Have you not paid attention, Dave? Your precious UN has forbidden them to test, yet they test anyway, clearly abusing their privileges. Stop being obtuse & realize that even that most corrupt & useless of ruling bodies dislikes what they're doing. The problem is that NO ONE HAS THE BALLS TO DO ANYTHING!!!! Unfortunately, this currently includes our President & therefore the US.

Also, just because you think they have a "right to levy war" doesn't mean that the US is morally obligated to allow them to do so. We have a right to protect ourselves and I think we need to. Now.

Originally Posted by Tyburn
You are ignorant if you think Korea could Bomb your Country with a Missile from the air...has noone ever told you of Starwars? even if tonight Korea lauched ALL its missiles, ALL at once, DIRECTLY at wouldnt suffer a Scratch...thats what Starwars is all about. Although it doesnt cover are watching her like a would know the micro-second she launched and you would simply knock the missiles out of the Sky.
Again, Dave, I ask you this: If you've got a gun & are being charged by a guy with a knife, are you going to wait until he's within arm's distance before you shoot him? I'll even update it a little bit: If you've got a gun and body armor & are being charged by a guy with a knife, are you going to wait until he's within arm's distance before you shoot him? If you answer "yes" to either of those scenarios, I've got to question your survival instincts. Why would you risk eventhe 1 in a million chance that the nut-job finds the one random accidental chink in your armor? Shoot the f***er in the face!

I don't care if the Missle Defense Agency could re-direct their missle to explode in their pants, I still don't want to allow for the chance of a mistake. They're threatening & need to be dealt with.

Originally Posted by Tyburn
You dont need to worry about America being bombed with Nuclear Weapons...unless they are your own by Terrorists.
Seriously? You think America's only danger for a nuclear disaster is for a terrorist to steal one of our missles & launch it at us? First of all, the likelihood of a terrorist cell being able to inflitrate a US military base & absconding with a warhead is slim-to-none (forget what you've seen in the movies), but I will grant for the sake of argument that it's possible. Are you forgetting about Iran's attempt to create nuclear weapons? Do you honestly believe that N Korea isn't trying to find a way to launch a nuclear warhead? Do you think it's impossible for terrorists to get crude plutonium & make a dirty bomb?

If you think America's own threat is from our personal stockpile being turned against us, then you need to pay more attention to world affairs.

Originally Posted by Tyburn
So get off your soap box, sit down...and go laugh and point a North Korea's silly attention seeking Habits.
You really think it's funny? I should laugh at the thought of a hostile nation repeatedly testing & refining their military in an attempt to threaten my country. I'm sorry, I fail to see the humor in that. Please enlighten me as to how this is a comical scenario.

Originally Posted by Tyburn
I certainly wouldnt go lecturing me about the second world war...coming from a post-constitutional Nation who failed to act when it should have, and is now forever trying to make up for it by running in too soon.
O, I'm sorry, so because your country is older than mine I can't point out its mistakes? I'm so terribly sorry to have struck a nerve. You suddenly seem to critequing the US for having waited too long. Are you suggested that, perhaps, we should have launched an offensive before disaster struck? That seems to be contrary to what the rest of your argument has been...

If actually do remember your WWII history, then why are you falling prey to exactly the same flawed philosophy? Don't you get it? Trying to talk it out & comprise & appease an aggresive, violent nation does nothing but whet its appetite. I hate to sound cliched, but if you don't learn from history, you're going to suffer identical consequences.

Yeah, we waited too long. FDR was begging Congress to get us in there but they were too scared of public sentiment. That foolish decision cost us way too many lives. Are you suggesting that we should repeat that mistake? Would you rather that we sit around with our thumbs up our @$$es waiting to get bombed again before we do anything?

Show me when we've "run in too soon". Are you talking about the Korean War, when North Korea invaded our allies, so we sent troops over to protect them? Or maybe you're talking about the Vietnam War when we did the same thing. O, I know, you must be referencing the Gulf War when Saddam invaded our ally Kuwait & we went over to push him back into his own country. Then again, maybe you're thinking about the war in Afghanistan, where we attack a country that harbored a terrorist who had just staged 4 attacks on US soil. Or possibly you're referring to the Iraqi War where we went in & disposed of one of the world's most cruel dictators who was responsible for tens of thousands of his own people's death? Tell me Dave, in which one of these wars did we try to make up for Pearl Harbor by rushing in too soon? In which one of these 5 retaliations against foreign oppressors did we jump the gun? Please teach me, o wise & learned historian.

Also, we're not "post-constitutional", as the Constitution is what governs our country. If Obama has his way, we may be post-constitutional within the next few years, but for now we are a Constitutional country.
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