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Originally Posted by Rev
Am I right or wrong? If I am wrong then why does anyone even worry with strength training? Why not just train technique?
I was not talking Strength like Core Strength...I was talking KO power. Strength the best of my knowledge might increase the punishment you can take without submitting, the ammount of core strength you have, larger muscles...but I dont believe you can increase your punching power by lifting Weights...I dont think it works that way...I think thats more to do with the amount of power you can actually channel through your the Purists will say that you can train your body in this manner...but by what happens in most Post-Modern Dojo this would be most out of character...Purists recommend spiritual meditation I would think...the flow of power around the body, stimulating specific power centres, that the western world doesnt even recognise as being in existance.

Only Diego Sanchez stands a chance of imporving in this area
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