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Originally Posted by VCURamFan
Dave, this is a fairly ignorant view, in my opinion. We're dealing with a historically aggressive country that's coming out of a semi-recession & is now flexing its military muscles, trying to build up as large & as powerful an armament as possible (i.e. long range nukes), and you're preaching appeasement. Tell me, how'd that turn out for the world the last time a Brit suggested it? Lemme help you out if you're having trouble remembering:

We need less Chamberlain & more Churchill. Rather than waiting until they can nuke my country, I think it'd prefer making sure they never get close. If you've got a gun & are being charged by a guy with a knife, are you going to wait until he's within arm's distance before you shoot him? I mean afterall, he could just be shadow-knifing.

No thanks. I'll put 2 center mass & a third between his eyes.
According to your Declaration of independance Any State has the right to Levy War

that includes the State of North Korea.

I do hope your not talking about taking away those rights...before they have abused them?

You are ignorant if you think Korea could Bomb your Country with a Missile from the air...has noone ever told you of Starwars? even if tonight Korea lauched ALL its missiles, ALL at once, DIRECTLY at wouldnt suffer a Scratch...thats what Starwars is all about. Although it doesnt cover are watching her like a would know the micro-second she launched and you would simply knock the missiles out of the Sky.

You dont need to worry about America being bombed with Nuclear Weapons...unless they are your own by Terrorists.

So get off your soap box, sit down...and go laugh and point a North Korea's silly attention seeking Habits.

I certainly wouldnt go lecturing me about the second world war...coming from a post-constitutional Nation who failed to act when it should have, and is now forever trying to make up for it by running in too soon.
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