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Originally Posted by Tyburn
Your Bubble swings the other way. It runs from Hawaii to the Eastern Bloc of Europe.

They arent in your Bubble until they can get a missile over Russia...or A missile to Pearl.

They cant get a missile to South Korea yet.
Dave, this is a fairly ignorant view, in my opinion. We're dealing with a historically aggressive country that's coming out of a semi-recession & is now flexing its military muscles, trying to build up as large & as powerful an armament as possible (i.e. long range nukes), and you're preaching appeasement. Tell me, how'd that turn out for the world the last time a Brit suggested it? Lemme help you out if you're having trouble remembering:

We need less Chamberlain & more Churchill. Rather than waiting until they can nuke my country, I think it'd prefer making sure they never get close. If you've got a gun & are being charged by a guy with a knife, are you going to wait until he's within arm's distance before you shoot him? I mean afterall, he could just be shadow-knifing.

No thanks. I'll put 2 center mass & a third between his eyes.
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