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Originally Posted by David_Banner


If Brock is able to land a K.O standing with Mir, then thats because he got out classed, not because of some handicap Mir fans think he should be entitled too. This arguement was almost acceptable with Randy but there are no excuses for Frank. He weighs the same, he's around the same height and to hear him say it, he is 10x better then Brock anywhere the fight goes.

Again, if Frank gets knocked out, its because Brock bested him. There will be no excuses.
I was talking about the Technically Better fighter.

Technical Fighters dont always win. BJ Penn is the best Technical Fighter in the World I reckon...but he doesnt always win. Its a spectrum, the truely Technical Fighters, a technical because they actually dont have the power, power is an asset of your genetic make-up, it can be measured in size, in reach, in the amount of power your able to deliver per blow. Those arent things you can teach someone, they either have them or they dont, it is a genetic advantage. Technical Fighters are generally smaller, they relay on speed, and they relay on manouvres to win...that equals the playing field a little bit

It depends on how you define "better fighter" as to whether or not the outcome proves one fighter better...perhaps one person only wins based on knock out power...a power that person didnt learn...perhaps one only wins on speed...a technicality that is limited by genetics...perhaps it is ones strength that ensures victory...perhaps it is ones heart...perhaps it is ones knowledge...who is to say the winner is the better fighter? All the winner is, is the person who won the contest...perhaps they only won because of a low blow...perhaps they only won because of the other persons mistake...perhaps they only won because of a cruddy ref....winning doesnt prove the winner a better fighter...that has to be examined on an individual basis

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