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Originally Posted by Tyburn
on the feet...yes

if he wins on the ground, by strikes or submission...then...he's a better fighter then I thought

I love a comprimise...dont you
Dave, that's a bull:poo: cop-out & you know it. No one complains that Leben KOs people because of power & not technique. No one complains that Carwin KOed Gonzaga because of power & not technique. But suddenly Brock, you you're pre-disposed to dislike because of "fast-tracking", KOs someone and you suddenly all over him for lack of technique. I'm sorry, but no. Whether or not you're as technical as Anderson Silva isn't important: you don't send Heath Herring & Randy Couture rolling/crumpling to the mat if you don't have technique. Yes, he needs a lot of improvement and, yes, his power does make up for short-comings in his striking, but if he KOs Mir, then he out-struck him. Period.
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