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Originally Posted by Tyburn
the only possible way to ever phase out handguns is to verrrra slowly stop the selling of ammunition.

You cant just ban them, that will cause revolt, and the guns just go underground.

It would take...I reckon about ten years to properly dissarm do nothing with gun restrictions at simply clamp down on ammunition.

If you cant take their guns...just stop supplying them with bullets...its like a seige...eventually their guns will become pointless.

mindue...i'm not against guns for hunting...take away the power to hunt...and sooner or later your going to be overun with everything from mountain lions to turkies

Dont worry...Obama will never get away with it...he only has four years in office...for a President to properly dissarm America he'd need to do it quietly over a President can reign that long....its full proof...bit like Kevlar
Americans are already stockpiling ammunition because of Obama. The past few times that I have gone to the sporting goods store they have been out of .22LR ammunition and they have buying limits on all the ammunition.

There is a brisk business in reloading supplies as well.

They wouldn't have to ban ammunition. They would just have to tax it so high that it became prohibitively expensive to fire a gun.

You mentioned that you were going to read the Constitution. If gun control critics were intellectually honest people they would try to repeal the second amendment.
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