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It has been a little over 24 hours since last nights UFC 94 and Team Penn just landed back in Hawaii. In between my travels back home I was soaking up everything everyone has been saying online and in the media. Literally digging for hours on the UG, the SB nation, here on BJPENN.COM, and the rest of the internets MMA community.

As I promised in my last blog , I have some insider information to share with you all in hopes to answer some of the lingering question on everyones mind. There were a few things that JD wanted me to pass on to you guys on behalf of the Team.

First off, everyone should know BJ is doing just fine. "A few bumps and bruises, but nothing major" said JD Penn. More then the physical, "Its his heart and spirit that are hurt." he told me.

Secondly, in light of the recent "GSP VASELINE" controversy floating around JD has issued the following statement.

"We will be filing a formal complaint on Monday against the NSAC and GSP's cornerman." "We are not trying to make excuses, GSP was the better fighter that night, we just wish his cornerman didn't cheat by rubbing vaseline on his back." "Everyone is putting a lot of time and money in too making this sport legit, for someone to do this only hurts the credibility of the sport."

So there you have it guys, no excuses coming out of BJ's camp. George did a great job last night. Noone is trying to take that away from him. There are more underlying issues here in regards to the overall protocol displayed when dealing with rule violations of this nature and that is the issue JD and the rest of Team Penn hope to get resolved for the betterment of the sport.

You can all expect to hear from BJ soon. For now thats all I have for you!

They don't sound like they are making excuses, and have acknowledged that GSP was the better fighter that night. Two quick points on this: (1) Despite all BJ's trash talking, he isn't using this as a way to explain his loss (2) GSP has the potential to be one of the best fighters that have ever stepped foot in the octogan, too bad that this might discredit his true abilities to date. All jokes aside, as MMA fans we might never see another GSP and BJ Penn fighting at the same time frame for a long time.
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