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Originally Posted by Play The Man
Thank you!

Please, sir . . . can I have some more?

How about the preamble to the Constitution? It should only take 30 seconds. Use this "Schoolhouse Rock" jingle as a memory aid. I used to watch this cartoon as a kid and I still have the preamble memorized. It is cheesy . . . but effective.

Just, whatever you do, don't watch this episode of "Schoolhouse Rock", I don't think you would like it.
Im thinking of doing the Constitution...but I'm trying to match the Ammendments with their respective portions...and for that I need the copies printed out to view them at the same time...and my printer isnt working at needs new ink cartridges

Some of the stuff on the list of accusations is funny...the King is bound to respond to Treason with war, that doesnt make him a tyrant....he also cut off your trade with ONE nation in particular...all the way through the seven years war with france, the American Collonies saw fit to contine to trade in the pacific, in sugar, with FRANCE....That would be like us arming the Taliban whilst still being part of the US no bloody wonder we cut off your trade Since the Collonies were..simply collonies, then they didnt have a right to exist with their own Governments...because they were on Our that might explain some of the issues the collonies faced.

Finally...the States had no problems enjoying the trade and import brought to them by England, until they faced heavy taxes...yes I think the bloody stamp duty was going a little bit overboard...but understand that as much as we crampped your freedom, you encrouched andhad access to all our wealth and our possesions. The reason you payed more taxes was because of the seven years war, the funds we used in crushing fro-- French people

What England SHOULD have done, is treat the Collonies like they mattered more. It was Wrong of the King to basically ignore them. You conqure a piece of land, English Government is responsible for it...that means that Governors of the States should never be kept waiting on matters of law and order...and it is outrageous to have mock trials to protect English people who would commit crimes against collonial Empire...thats a bloody outrage...that is a dissgrace, and the Declaration mentions it more then once I might add is forcing prisoners to fight their friends...absolutely criminal.

England could also have stopped the whole Rebellion by listening to someone named Franklin...He suggested that the Collonies be represented in Parliament, that way they would feel like they werent some subordinate and hated group of outcasts that the Crown didnt care about, and secondly they would feel, however small, they they could have a formal and legal say...Now England with the creation of the Union DOES let members from Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland into Parliament....It was very cruel of them not to allow American Collonies...honnest to GOD...what trouble would possibly have been caused by providing 14 more seats in Westminster Palace? one for a single Representative from each of the thirteen states...and one for the President should he ever come and visit? WTF was wrong with that idea??

Sounds like we in part at least deserved a good wake up call...but some of the things in that document are...possibly a little melodramatic IMHO

Looking at it the otherway...its probably just aswell America gained freedom...sooner or later there would have been wars with the other European Nations who owned other collonies...also...not sure even England could have coped with a full empire plus ALL 50 States...thats too big. Finally...if America didnt gain independance

Who would have saved us from Adolf Hitler
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