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Originally Posted by atomdanger
Really? Man.. don't go to Yakima. Eastern Washington is pretty full of mexicans.
Well, at least the Yakima area is.

but yeah, WW is pretty bad as far as immigrants from south of us,
although, nobody has it as bad as California and other southern states.

For the record I don't care what race somebody is, Mexican, Brazilian, Guatemalan, French, German, whatever...
I don't want to pay to make your life easier here, *shrug*. If I moved to one of those countries I wouldn't expect them to put everything into English.
I've always been critical of that as well. Was just curious if you've ever been to any of those countries or any 3rd world countries in general? I really don't care that they are here, I just want them to speak English (although I speak Spanish) and pay taxes, as far as I'm concerned, that makes it "legal".

If you or I lived in one of those countries, you can be 100% sure we would at least try to come to the U.S. as well.
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