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I am gonna try and keep it short.

I love how he gives encouragment at the begining of this letter and lets the leadership in the church know that he is thinking about them. He gives aood praise for the work they do.(vs.1-11)

He goes on to tell them not to be discouraged because he is locked up. He has been told that his "circumstances" for the betterment of the word. People are bolder because of it. He doesnt care what it takes as long as people hear about the Lord. He pretty much says not to feel sorry for him because he is in an awesome position, if he dies, then he gets to go to heaven. If he lives, he gets to share the gospel with more people and win them to Christ. (what an optimist)

He goes on and gives direction on the peoples everyday conduct and how they should live like Christ. (the bible that we live could be the only bible that some get to see) He tells us to expect to be persecuted as a follower of Christ.

It is hard not to start preaching. lol
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