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Originally Posted by NateR
Better yet, you can access the Patriot Act here:

So go through that and tell us all exactly where it lists all of those violations of our Constitutional rights.
Was my source. But here, lets look Shall we?

505: “Miscellaneous National Security Authorities”
Section 505 allows the government to search through your records without judicial supervision.

Section 2 allows wiretapping, etc.. Reading your book records, email, etc..

These activities contradict the right to be free from arbitrary interference with individuals' privacy, as protected in the U.S. Constitution and the ICCPR

Just do some research, again.
Everything you do NOT agree with, is a lie,
and everything you feel you agree with is certainly the truth.
You seem to form no opinions of your own and write everything off as propaganda. Or liberal nonsense. I am neither a republican or a democrat, but I know I don't want the government listening to my phone calls without a warrant, or coming into my home, etc...
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