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Originally Posted by Tyburn
Thats truely Magnificent

One questions...who does "amoung other soverign powers" allude to?

and what do the three stars on the War side of the Eagles head represent...the beak faces towards the symbol of peace, in the same position on the other side, lie a vertical line of Three Stars....are those particular Events of War? or are they particular States?

Sorry for the questions...but I'm kinda a symbologist by trade if you like...I love this sort of things...

also...why "clouds" I means...whats the significance of that? I get the number, and that the Stars represent the States...and Stars or Dots to represent something like that is understandable...but whats with the clouds above? Why Clouds?

Finally...what is the significance of 19 in the Monogram? its unclear from that size picture, but the stars and clouds are arranged on a backing of lines with dots runing vertical...gathered into groups of four...and two....or depending on whats important I suppose 19 columns of something...or is it the number of lines that is important?? or the numbers of dots? or is it all symbolic? I mean you could read it from the groupings, or the orders of the groupings read from either direction because they are the same...or the number of columns, or numbers of dots between the coloumns...or numbers of dots and columns.
You do have Google right???
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