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Originally Posted by David_Banner
I understand why other orgs can't compete with the UFC, and as I said earlier, it would take the UFC losing big names for that to happen.

As for my point, boxing consists of many sanctioning Orgs that co-promote fights. It doesnt matter how big a fighter is, without them, they won't get beyond their plastic title in Mexico City. This has been the fuel for the scandals within the sport for years actually because it has been said many times that if you want a shot at the belt, you're going to need more money then knock out power. Anyway, Dana has before touched on the curruption that has plagued boxing (WBA in particular) which I can assume is why he/UFC work so hard to make sure most orgs don't last. I understand and actually agree with him on this, but what I don't agree with is the way the UFC very publicly conduct their business.

I have been involved in boxing for 15+ years and I do not want to see MMA become currupted as boxing has. The irony, to me, is Dana says the same thing yet very publicly lashes and attempts to restrict the flow of capital in the UFC to sponsors as well as to fighters. How can a person claim to be a champion against curruption and yet seem to be the very epicenter of all money disputes and wrong doing. What bothers me worse is the UFC doesnt seem to give two s*^&s about what people think, and or how they are perceived. Its all about the money, which goes against everything Dana has claimed up until now.
We agree, maybe more than you think.

I know how it works in boxing, and yes, you do have to pay a fee to those sanctioning bodies, but the point is that the Boxers are not ultimately controlled by the sanctioning bodies. There are so many titles in boxing, average fans could really care less. They just want to see the best fights. So, in that sense, the fighters control their own destinies. If Pac-Man and PBF booked a fight right now, everybody would tune in, regardless of who has what title belt from where. It used to matter a lot more, but Boxing has changed a lot.

The UFC's problem is trying to make themselves into a mainstream sports organization, but also being to private at the same time. The public end of their business is what has drawn all this controversy, but it's the private part of their business that would uncover the real corruption. That's why the UFC will remain private as long as it can. Unfortunately, MMA has already been corrupted in more ways than one. If boxing has taught us anything, it's how this whole thing is ultimately going to play out.
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