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Originally Posted by Rev
I hate it when people want someone to apologize for who they are. He was in another buisiness and came to mma. His last position blessed him with fame and Dana knew that it would be good for the UFC because the fans would pay to see it and Brock won. If Dana came up with an idea to give a nobody a title shot and your name was drawn from the hat, I would be willing to bet that you would take the shot. Then someone would be on this forum sayint that you used a lucky chance to get a shot. Darn right you would and so would I! Brock was famous and he should not have to be sorry for that.
Not sure how long you've been a part of this community, but I wouldn't take things so seriously lol. Have a read around the place. Most of the trash talking, like I'm doing, is done out of good 'ol fun. I reality, while I want Mir to win, I don't think negatively of Lesnar at all lol. Take it all in stride Mr. Serious hehe.

Don't encourage intelligent conversation Rock! lol
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