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Originally Posted by Chris Wescott
Where I live, in NYC, these values and attributes are not as prevelant, and it seems people aim to unravel and turn back these attributes.

I aim to fight that tide. If anyone has any contacts or ideas on how I can begin to make a change and get involved I would be thankful.

Pray about it. Begin by finding a place in the wilderness thats full of solitude, Before his Ministry Christ went into the Desert to Fast and pray...yes also to resist Temptation, but there is something in getting away from what is man, and submersing oneself in GOD most pure creation in order to get yourself in a better situation to hear and receive from him.

I go out of my way to walk to a spot in the middle of the woods...miles away, and a spot that takes me about two hours to reach on foot. (I wont bore others with the Videos...but I'll send you two links in PM to show you where I go)

Then pray and dedicate that place and your future life to the purpose of that prayer...again a very old tradition of the ancient Jews to somehow mark a place physically when contact of great importance was made with GOD, they were forever naming places by the outcome of their supplication, or making Altars to mark an event.

After that pray without ceasing as you go back into your normal life and await your battle orders
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