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Originally Posted by Play The Man

The President has a seal but it is for the office. Each individual president does not have a different seal.

There was a controversy during the past presidential election when candidate Obama had a seal for his campaign. It was displayed on his podium. The seal was mocked as a show of hubris and was soon abandoned.

Wow...thats sad...I think that Each individual should be able to personalize the Seal in some way to reflect themselves. They are more then an office. Everywhere else with the status level of America does it, so it wouldnt go down as looking pompous or egotistical, infact...its strange they dont have their own seal...I assumed they did but were like rarely used, because I've never seen them you see...a bit like how each of the States has its individual Standard...Each State has its own Flag, and Emblem...not that many Europeans probably know that
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