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Originally Posted by Neezar
So, did your rent go up? You phone bill? Food?
No, thank GOD my rent stayed the same. I am SO lucky about VERY lucky.

The cost of Food went up slightly...but it was really things like for example All the stuff with TV/Broadband went up...thank GOD I can drop Setanta soon!! Council Tax, National Insurance, and Income Tax all went up

It could have been a lot worse could have been ALOT worse.

What I really need which would solve everything is a better paying job...but its a recession...companies are collapsing, unemployment is rising...noone is recruiting because they cant afford to pay the staff they've got!! let alone pay more.

Not kidding British Airways have forced their employees to either work for Free, work paid half time...or go on unpaid leave for a WHOLE MONTH this summer

You see...I have a job, and cruddy though it is, its a job in a stable market...short of Wal-Mart pulling out of ASDA...that chances are high that my job is one of the most safe in the sensible would it be to move to an instable market where in the next year I might be laid off? Do you follow??

I want to move, and Am begining to look now I hope the worst of the recession is over...but I'm not confident of how wise it would be to leave a SAFE job in the current financial environment.
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