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Originally Posted by NateR
Why are we trusting our lives to "experts" anyway? Wasn't it experts who claimed that the Titanic was unsinkable? Wasn't it experts who specifically designed the World Trade Center towers to withstand several impacts from fully loaded jet liners without collapsing?

But I'm sure they'll get it right this time.
The Titanic would have been fine if she hadnt been speeding to impress, if she hadnt been disregarding proper procedures.

The Experts do base their things on the assumption that perameters dont change. If anyone had asked the expert if they thought she'd still be unsinkable after colliding with an iceberg whilst travelling WELL over the speed limit...they might not have been so sure.

But she had the freedom to go faster then reccomended...she did...and now she lies at the bottom of the Ocean.

That is not the Experts fault.

As for the WTC...dont know much about that I'm afraid...maybe the Experts are to blame for that
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