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I have been doing mma and bjj for about 3.5 yrs, I am not all that by any stretch but I can hold my own. I focus HARD on technique so I am confident in my craft. 2 months ago a buddy of mine came in and wanted to roll. My friend has been raised on a farm his whole life, i have at least 15 lbs on him and 3.5 yrs of practice. Just because of his strength alone it took me about 8 min to submit him. I would get something and he would muscle out of it before i could lock it in. Now like I said, I aint the man so I sent him down to a friend in Hammond La. who has a Gracie bjj school and they said that after 2 wks he was tapping almost everyone.

The point is, Technique and knowledge is only part of the fight game, and it can be taught, natural ability and strength cant be taught and when served up in big enough portions, it can overcome technique. You dont have to believe me but I bet Randy does.
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