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Originally Posted by ufcfan2
Would this whole arguemnt be the same if this was a Republican president
Not saying if this stuff is true or not true we all know alot of 'funny business' goes on in politics by both parties. If u hate B.O. your gonna agree with anything that goes against him and vice versa.
If he turns out that he truely isn't a naturally born citizen then I concur that he probably should be taken out of office. I voted for the guy,but I also strongly believe u have to be a true natural born citizen as well.
Sadthing is if u do try to take them out regardless of his policies hes a popular President(for now) and lot of ppl got dose of new hope and to take him down would really deflate ppls morale to a degree.
Actually, yes, if this was John McCain who refused to present his birth certificate (he was born in Panama), then you can guarantee that it would have received non-stop media coverage before the election. However, since Obama was the media darling, the news networks buried it and attempted to discredit anyone who dared question the authenticity of their anointed one.

And if McCain had been this shady about presenting his birth certificate, then I would be equally suspicious of him.

So, yes, there is a huge double standard going on here, just not the one you are implying.
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