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Default Presidential Seals

I'm asking this Question because I actually dont know the answer. In other countries with the power and majesty that the United States Commands, you tend to find that individual Leaders will have some kind of Monogram which is used to depict ancient times a Seal was some kinda plate which bore a mark onto wax, to proove the document had come from an official source, the seals are usually part of a Ring, so the Ring of the person whose seal it belongs to must have been used as a kinda fullproof signiture. They might also have been a coat of alms

Of course when these things stopped being important, the Monogram became a Standard used to identify rullers particularly after they were deceased. So for example, if you were to find the seal of a particular Monarch on the side of a building, its a fair assumption that you can date the creation of that building to within the reign of that specific Monarch.

Being that The President of The United States is such a high position of Authority, and also given that the position is actually one of relatively short stay in the world of Democrasy, (what I mean is, you have quite short terms of office, and your Presidents are limited to the number of times they can be re-ellected) I was wondering if each President was given his own Standard/Seal?

Like an Insignia, or badge or something? Something that Identifies not only thier office, but the individual occupying that office?
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