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Originally Posted by Vizion
k, why doesn't B.O. provide the proof ...I believe that you natural born Americans (such as B.O. yea) can obtain a COPY of your birth certificate, am I wrong? I've seen the birth announcements, yet am still ill convinced as they could easily be faked.

the ball is in his court...he has chosen to remain on the bench and I believe in consequence he should be removed from office lest he provides proof. The sheer arrogance is astounding.
It's easy to make an argument against something if you believe everything is faked. Newspapers are not as easy to fake bro. There are historians that have copies of all that stuff, libraries have those on microfilm. If those newspaper clippings were a lie, you would certainly have heard about that by now.

The issue is why hasn't he made the official certificate open to the public. I'm not sure that he legally has to. There are some valid questions raised, but also some compelling evidence that suggests it's a witch-hunt.

I just say it's better to focus on the bigger picture, and what his policy is going to do for our country.
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