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Originally Posted by Vizion
Ohhh, its not too late for anything mate. It is never to late to terminate someone from a career for committing perjury. He is just a president, not God after all (despite what the godless liberals think).

What matters in actuality is that B.O. is in violation of the US Constitution by not providing authenticity. He should be thrown out of office and on his face for being the liar he is.

I hope the lawsuits continue to flood in until there can be no more denial and even the Obama nuthuggers turn on him.

What about all the evidence that says he is a citizen?

This is conspiracy theory stuff that does nothing to better our current situation. Judges have dismissed these claims, the health department in Hawaii has said they have his original birth certificate on file, and there were even birth announcements in two local papers in 1961.

If it is all a big forgery and a lie, it's gonna take a lot more than some blogger with photoshop knowledge to crack it open. Without a smoking gun piece of evidence, harping on this is pointless. I don't put anything past a politician, or anybody for that matter, so it's possible that it's a fraud, but as it stands now, there is more evidence to suggest that he was born here than wasn't.
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